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4 Advantages of Earning a DBA Degree

Dec 6, 2018 4:01:42 PM / by Geneva Business School

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Have you reached a plateau in your career? Are you looking for a way to compete for more lucrative, senior positions in top organizations? Or perhaps you want to acquire new skills in order to take on more responsibility with your current employer? Whatever your reasons for seeking further education, a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) can be an excellent option to help you reach your goals.

A DBA degree can be a great way to hone real-world skills, develop advanced professional insights and gain an impressive qualification that can help take your career to the next level, all while remaining in the workforce. If you’ve been considering this unique path, keep reading to learn more about why a DBA could be the right move for you.

1. A DBA Degree Can Really Make Your CV Stand Out

While a bachelor’s degree or MBA from a top school will still look great on your CV, these qualifications are much more common than they once were. As more and more professionals have gained access to top quality education, the job market has become more competitive, making it harder to stand out.

A DBA degree can be an excellent way to differentiate yourself from the competition. A much rarer qualification, it demonstrates to employers that you had the ambition to take your education one step further, and the work ethic to complete a more demanding and rigorous program. This dedication, determination and initiative is often exactly what high-level organizations look for in employees, and can give you a real edge over other applicants.

dba degreeEmployers recognize the expertise and dedication of DBA degree holders

2. Gain Expert Business Insights at the Highest Level

Of course, a DBA is so much more than just a nice addition to your resume. During your studies, you will gain insights and knowledge at an extremely advanced level, delving deeper into complex business concepts and practices than you have in your previous education.

At Geneva Business School, for instance, doctoral candidates complete six self-study modules in areas like quantitative data analysis, business intelligence and management research perspectives. Unlike other kinds of doctoral degrees, all of this work is practically focused, with an emphasis on its application in real-world situations.

3. Pursue Your Passion in a DBA Program

The structure and scope of a DBA degree also makes it ideal for professionals looking to explore a particular area that they are interested in. At the end of their program, students must submit a business research project as a doctoral thesis. This project can relate to a particular factor that is impacting your industry, a real-life business situation, or even a problem you are dealing with in your current workplace. If you’ve been looking for a way to pursue a business project that you are truly passionate about, a DBA could be the perfect outlet for you.

DBA programsDBA programs allow students to research areas they are passionate about

4. A DBA Won’t Interfere with Your Career

DBA programs are designed with active professionals in mind, meaning that obtaining your qualification won’t force you to put your career on hold. GBS’s degree program, for instance, is delivered entirely online through a flexible learning approach, allowing you to study from anywhere in the world and schedule your courses around your other commitments.

Our personalized mentoring approach also means that you will have access to one-on-one support from a dedicated coordinator, who will help you to tailor your experience towards your areas of interest and unique professional situation. This support ensures that your DBA experience can provide immediate and direct benefits to your career.

Want to take your career to the highest level?

Contact Geneva Business School to learn more about becoming a Doctor of Business Administration.

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