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4 Reasons Why Our DBA Programs Benefit from a Global Perspective

Nov 8, 2018 4:15:40 PM / by Geneva Business School

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Digital connectivity, an increasingly mobile workforce, and reduced barriers to international trade have all combined to enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to expand their operations to far-reaching markets and regions. For forward-thinking business professionals, this means that an international outlook is not just desirable, but essential to future career prospects.

As an institution with campuses in Europe, the Middle East and Eurasia, and experienced faculty members from several different countries, Geneva Business School places this kind of global perspective at the forefront of our education. Even students in our Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) courses, who complete their studies entirely online, benefit from a curriculum and instruction informed by best practices and insights from all corners of the globe. Keep reading to learn how.

1. A Global Perspective Makes Professionals More Adaptable and Employable

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to live and work anywhere you wanted to? Or to know that you could easily relocate in the event of economic downturns or other challenges? Or simply to have the knowledge that you are capable of helping businesses establish themselves in unfamiliar markets?

An education with a global perspective prepares you to do all of these things and much more. Students not only develop a strong foundational knowledge of business in different regions, but also the analytical and critical thinking skills to research and explore new markets autonomously as their career progresses. Whether you intend to stay close to home or see where your DBA degree can take you, these qualities will be a critical asset for years to come.

 doctor of business administration

DBA degree graduates can confidently apply for positions anywhere in the world

2. Knowledge of Different Business Cultures can be Crucial

While the business world has become more global, this doesn’t necessary mean that it has become homogenized. Many different countries and regions still have very specific business cultures and practices that will be unfamiliar to outsiders, but need to be respected and embraced when attempting to make inroads into those markets.

A globally focused degree will give you a strong grounding in some of the specifics of doing business in these settings, with instructors from a range of key international markets imparting insider knowledge and advice.

3. A Global DBA Degree Will Help You Build International Connections

An institution with an international outlook will also attract an international student base. That’s why in addition to offering instruction from professionals around the world, a DBA program like those offered at GBS will also give you the opportunity to study with students from the farthest corners of the globe.

DBA programs

Students meet professionals from all over the world in DBA programs

Throughout your course, you will connect with other DBA candidates through a vibrant online learning community brimming with ideas and perspectives from all walks of life. This diverse mix of cultures can offer many opportunities for personal and professional growth, and allow you to make countless connections that could be invaluable to your international business career.  

4. A Global Perspective Can Inform Your DBA Research Project

During the final year of our DBA programs, all students undertake a large-scale research project. This is an opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge to a specific area that you are passionate about, and could be anything from a new business idea, to an analysis of a current industry trend, to a real-life problem or situation that you are currently dealing with in your professional life.

Whatever you choose to work on, the internationally focused nature of what you have learned during the previous two years of your course can inform both your research and your findings. By gaining exposure to different ideas and approaches, you can learn to see opportunities and challenges in your chosen sector or market differently, and may even find innovative and unique solutions to problems that would never have occurred to you before. In doing so, you can create a piece of work that will truly demonstrate the value of your unique skill set to employers, wherever in the world they may be.       

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