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4 Surprising Ways a BBA in International Relations Can Benefit Your Career

Apr 10, 2018 5:52:10 PM / by Geneva Business School

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The world of global politics and foreign affairs is changing fast, and the need to address complex issues concerning trade, diplomacy, human rights, and other areas has never been greater. As a result, there is no shortage of successful and lucrative career opportunities for students interested in international affairs.

Careers working as foreign service officers, diplomats, and even directors of international programs and UN organizations are all possible in this exciting sector. However, these jobs can be highly competitive, requiring that candidates have a thorough knowledge of international affairs, an awareness of the global economy, and realistic solutions for the management of internationally focused organizations. Here’s how the right kind of education can make you a better candidate.

A BBA in International Relations Can Enhance Your Knowledge of the Global Economy

Because it is a business degree, a BBA in International Relations can offer a wealth of information and training concerning global markets, international trade, and economics. Students will learn about foreign fiscal and trade policies, how to navigate international trade and business law, and how to form practical strategies for a range of international organizations.

bba in international relationsLearning more about global markets & prices can be helpful to aspiring diplomats

Better developing your knowledge of the global economy will also help you to understand global growth rates and anticipate economic change, a skill that can be crucial for furthering careers in government and foreign service positions, NGOs, and the private sector.

Students from Excellent BBA Schools Learn Essential Communication Skills

One of the great things about studying at a popular BBA school like Geneva Business School (GBS) is that you’re taught all the best practices concerning communication in business, including comprehensive knowledge of cross-cultural communication.

Since you may be working with foreign organizations once you begin your career, understanding how to communicate well with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds is critical. GBS’s unique courses like The Management of International Organizations and NGO’s and Economic Diplomacy: Trade Issues and State Strategies will help give you a solid grounding in these very important skills. Moreover, these two subjects are ideal for training future NGO Coordinators and International Program Directors.

Business Schools are Also Terrific Spaces to Hone Your Negotiating Ability

Being able to negotiate with foreign interests and companies more effectively is also an essential skill to grow and maintain in the international arena, where negotiations tend to be challenging and especially complex.

Some of the intricacies of foreign negotiation can range from an awareness and respect for foreign culture to ones style of dress, so it is important to study the best negotiation techniques that real professionals use when dealing with international enterprises.

At GBS, for example, our Multicultural Approaches to International Negotiations course equips students with a fuller knowledge of the kinds of strategies required to conduct high-stakes international negotiations persuasively, efficiently, and successfully.

Building a Global Professional Network will Help Your Career

Whether you’re an aspiring diplomat or a business owner looking to expand your market, business schools are also worthwhile places to build strong global networks with your peers.

international relations degreeBuilding connections with peers from different cultures can really help your career

Should you choose to study in either Geneva or Barcelona with GBS, you’ll be surrounded by other students from a multitude of different cultural backgrounds, and make connections that could prove invaluable as you begin an exciting international career.

Are you ready to invest in a career in international relations?

Contact Geneva Business School about our International Relations Degree.

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