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Essential Tech Study Hacks for Students in MBA School

Aug 9, 2018 4:25:32 PM / by Geneva Business School

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While smartphones and social media might present distractions during study, they can also present many benefits. In recent years, online tools and applications have emerged to enhance, rather than diminish, focus and productivity.

These tools can prove especially beneficial to business students, helping them maximize what is an immersive and interdisciplinary learning experience by combining tried and tested study strategies with new technologies.

Are you curious about the tech study hacks that will help you thrive during your degree? Keep reading to find out more.

Apps Can Help Students Make the Most of Study Time

With greater autonomy and long-term personal projects, master’s students might be tempted to do away with structured study schedules. Yet, in graduate school as in undergraduate programs, the most productive work sessions are typically the result of careful planning.

Computer and mobile applications can play a huge role in helping MBA school students do this effectively. Apps like Todoist and MyStudyLife allow students to create personalized study schedules and keep track of their tasks and progress across multiple platforms. Students may also benefit from personal organization tools like Schooltraq, a digital planning service that helps users remember important events and deadlines.

Technology can also ensure students limit distractions during study time. Cold Turkey, SelfControl and other blocking applications allow users to limit access to certain websites or other apps for set periods of time, removing the temptation to browse news sites or social media while studying.  These tools ensure students can enjoy all the benefits that technology adds to their studies with none of the hindrances.

business schoolComputer applications helps students better plan their studies

Smart Business School Students Use Tech to Organize Learning Material

Technology can also help students to organize their study materials. For instance, note-taking apps like Evernote help students in business programs gather information from different media on a single platform, which may be then accessed through all their personal devices.

Goconqr is another great tool for students, a comprehensive study suite which allows users to create digital flashcards, quizzes, and mind maps. Using this app, you can put together personalized study materials tailored specifically to your individual learning approach.

Technology Can be Used to Enhance Group Work

Group study offers crucial opportunities to consolidate one’s knowledge and pursue new questions. In effective study groups, classmates offer mutual motivation and alternate perspectives on familiar subject matter. These group assignments are also a chance to refocus one’s energies, with scheduled meetings that present a change of scenery after long spurts of individual work.

Unfortunately, group work can also be notoriously difficult to manage, as students need to account for different team members’ individual strengths and weaknesses, personal schedules, and unique working styles.

Luckily, there are various applications that can help make this process easier. Trello and Slack, for instance, are both excellent tools groups can use to manage collaborative assignments. They allow users to send messages to each other, assign tasks and monitor their progress, and even share files, all in one place. By creating a virtual collaborative space for your team, you can enhance communication, improve efficiency, and foster a more open, collective experience for you and your teammates. 

business programsGroup work apps can help students thrive in teams

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