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Exciting Careers You Can Explore After Your Digital Marketing Degree

Mar 19, 2018 1:51:17 PM / by Geneva Business School

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In today’s interconnected world, digital marketing is becoming ever more important. Organizations in a variety of sectors recognize the need to raise awareness of their brands, products, and services online, and incorporate digital channels into their traditional marketing mix.

As digital marketing’s significance increases, so too does the demand for professionals with expertise in the area. This has led to a variety of new and interesting career options for savvy business professionals looking to take their place at the forefront of this exciting and evolving field.

Keep reading to learn about some of the positions that could await you upon completion of a specialized masters degree in digital marketing.

Use Your Digital Marketing Degree to Excel as an E-Commerce Manager

Online shopping is becoming more and more important in the business sphere, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. With this growing prevalence of e-commerce comes a high demand for qualified e-commerce managers. These professionals manage a company's website for online sales purposes, working to convert as many people as possible into purchasing customers using various strategies and approaches.

Delve into the Dynamic Role of Digital Marketing Director

If you are seeking a broader role, becoming a digital marketing director may be for you. Whereas e-commerce managers focus primarily on generating online sales, digital marketing directors focus on all aspects of a company's presence in the digital space. To accomplish this, they must know how to develop, implement, and manage an entire online marketing strategy that can include all kinds of elements covering various digital channels, including content marketing, social media, and both paid and organic search.

MBA in digital marketing

Digital marketing directors plan strategies to promote online brand awareness

Leverage Your Search Engine Savviness in the Role of SEO Manager

Some graduates may choose to delve into more specialized areas, such as SEO. The ultimate aim of an SEO manager is to maximize website traffic through gaining greater visibility in specific keyword searches. These professionals require expert knowledge in search engine ranking factors and content optimization, and also the ability to analyze web data in order to continuously improve campaigns.

Capitalize on Communication Skills as a Social Media Strategist

Another more specialized role you may pursue with a digital marketing degree is that of a social media strategist. The aim of any great social media strategist is to elevate the online buzz about a brand. These skillful communicators manage and grow online communities for organizations of all kinds by identifying which communication channels – such as Facebook or Instagram – their target audiences use, and engaging with them on these platforms using various techniques.

masters in digital marketing

Communication skills are essential for social media strategists

Embrace an Enjoyment of Data and Communication as an E-CRM Manager

If you have an unparalleled love for both communication and data, you may make a great E-CRM manager. These professionals monitor consumer behavior to figure out the best ways to acquire, engage, and retain customers through direct, targeted digital communication. E-CRM managers need to be able to understand all of the consumer data generated by a website to accurately target their communication.

There are many other possible career paths for professionals with a masters in digital marketing, such as digital advertising manager, analytics specialist, and more. The industry is also constantly changing, so graduates who are the most up-to-date with current practices have a significant advantage in the job market. That's why learning from professionally active faculty, as students do at Geneva Business School, can be so vital for those seeking to enter this exciting field.

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