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Expanding Your Professional Network in a New City: A How-to for MBA School Students

Jul 12, 2018 4:20:22 PM / by Geneva Business School

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According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 80 percent of professionals now say networking is important for career success. In addition to formal education, students find crucial networking opportunities while studying business in a new city. Professional networks help qualified candidates reach their potential in a competitive market, maximizing opportunities and landing coveted positions after graduation.

While the prospect of a new city might seem daunting, building strong connections can be easy and enjoyable. Students at top business schools are especially fortunate in this area, with opportunities to create professional networks that nourish continued success.

Are you curious about how to develop your professional network while studying business in a new city? Read on for some useful tips.

Extracurricular Involvement Offers Crucial Networking Opportunities

Extracurricular activities help students pursue personal passions alongside their studies. They also allow them to discover new locales and expand their professional networks. From fine arts to sporting events, new cities offer networking opportunities for all tastes, building cross-discipline connections among likeminded enthusiasts. Extracurricular activities are also a way of seeing classmates in a new light, adding a new dimension to personal business connections.

MBA school
Sporting activities can help build teamwork among business students

While preparing to study in a new city, MBA students can research opportunities to develop interests and side projects, rounding out their business education and taking full advantage of their new location. Partaking in extracurricular activities and volunteering is also a great way of networking while enhancing your resume at the same time.

Digital Platforms Can Consolidate Real-Life Connections

Online platforms and social media are a great way of connecting with a new city while in MBA school. LinkedIn is especially effective for networking purposes, allowing students to consolidate real-life relationships with classmates and professionals in their new city. This career-geared platform also helps students track the progress of top professionals – and plan their own careers accordingly. In a new city full of new encounters, LinkedIn is a great way to solidify connections with business students and professionals alike.  

Like LinkedIn, Twitter can be an effective means of learning about new job postings and career opportunities. While building their online profile, students may also find Twitter helpful in searching for events and social opportunities in a new city.

Networking Students Attend MBA School Talks, Conferences and Events

Students in leading business programs will have many opportunities to attend events and talks that relate to their studies. Beyond providing new perspectives on MBA subjects, these events are a crucial opportunity to network with students and top professionals. Ambitious students can ask questions and even follow up with presenters and experts once the talk is over.

MBA university
GBS students have many chances to network and learn about professional opportunities

Leading business schools will also offer students opportunities to learn about openings and professional avenues in their field, allowing them a foothold with job fairs and industry events. These are crucial opportunities to network not only with business experts, but similarly-motivated peers. Attending conferences, talks and events help students learn and network in their field, even offering their own perspectives as they continue to build their expertise.

Are you hoping to expand your network while studying at a leading MBA university?

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