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How a Sports Management Degree can Launch You into a Successful Public Relations Career

Nov 29, 2018 6:13:32 PM / by Geneva Business School

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A degree in Sports Management can prepare students for a range of exciting jobs within the sports industry. Graduates can put their business and financial acumen to use as business analysts for a major sports league, exercise their cutting-edge digital marketing skills as marketing directors for popular sports teams or brands, or use the negotiation, management and strategy skills they’ve developed through their education to become sports agents for athletes. No matter where your own strengths and interests lie, there’s most likely a job in the sports industry that’s right for you.

If you’re interested in media and communications, then a career in public relations might be the right path to follow. Public relations representatives work with leagues, teams and individual athletes to maintain and improve their public image, often working with the media and drafting communications on behalf of their clients. It can be a challenging and fast-paced career, but rewarding and lucrative for those with the skills and talents to excel.

Here’s how a sports management degree can launch you into a successful public relations career.

The Importance of Public Relations in Sports Management

In order to build successful and long-lasting careers, athletes need to do more than just win games. They also need to build successful personal brands in order to win endorsements, get hired for appearances, increase their value to the teams that might employ them and access other career-enriching opportunities. This is where their public relations representative comes in, whose job is to create and maintain a positive public image for their client.

What Does a Public Relations Professional Do?

If you’re interested in going into public relations after completing your Sports Management bachelor’s degree at business school, be prepared to take on a wide variety of tasks to build and protect your client’s brand. PR representatives are commonly expected to draft press releases for their clients in order to increase awareness, guide news coverage or otherwise shape public perception. On an average day, a PR professional might also draft speeches or other public statements, analyze media coverage and prepare reports summarizing their findings, respond to requests from journalists, speak to the media on behalf of their client and organize press conferences or other promotional events. They make use of a robust network of media connections to spread favourable news about their client through both traditional news media and the internet, and to get ahead of possible scandals or negative coverage. In general, their work is aimed at managing the public’s perception of their client in a favourable way.

sports management degree

In BBA school, students can learn how to draft press releases and other communications

Business School Can Provide Students with the Skills They Need to Succeed in PR

Public relations professionals draw heavily on their communication and interpersonal skills when managing relationships with the media and crafting public statements. The ability to multitask is valuable as well, as they might sometimes be expected to juggle multiple issues and competing deadlines. In order to address unexpected events that require immediate responses, PR representatives also need to be quick on their feet, with excellent problem-solving skills and good judgement under pressure.

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Sports Management can offer students the skills and experience required to succeed in public relations. Sports Management courses in communications, digital business skills and marketing all contribute to a well-rounded understanding of the industry and the strategies needed to craft a winning public brand.

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Public speaking is an important skill for PR representatives

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