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How Lean Thinking Gives You the Advantage in Digital Marketing Careers

Jan 25, 2019 7:10:41 PM / by Geneva Business School

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When trying to take your digital marketing career to the next level, it’s not enough to brush up on the latest techniques, platforms and trends; you also need to discover and practice new ways of looking at problems, organizing your work and thinking about how you provide value to customers and clients. One of the ways you can do this is with lean thinking.

Lean Thinking is Inspired by the Toyota Production System

Lean thinking is a business methodology articulated by James Womack and Dan Jones in their 1996 book Lean Thinking, derived from an in-depth study of Toyota’s legendary Toyota Production System (TPS). TPS is a manufacturing philosophy focused on designing out overburden and inconsistency, and ultimately eliminating waste, from the production process. It’s been widely credited with Toyota’s overwhelming success since its adoption, helping it become the largest listed company in Japan and the world leader in hybrid sales. Over the past two decades, interest in TPS-inspired lean thinking has grown throughout the business world, spreading from manufacturing to software engineering, educational institutions, health care and even digital marketing.

Lean Thinking Revolves Around Five Core Concepts

Lean thinking, as described by Womack and Jones, is a business methodology built around five key concepts: value, value streams, flow, pull and perfection. These principles can also be thought of as a process with five steps:

  1. Identify value from the viewpoint of the end customer.
  2. Identify all of the steps in the value stream, eliminating any steps that do not create value.
  3. Organize the value-creating steps in a smooth flow.
  4. Establish pull by linking production directly to demand.
  5. Seek perfection by iterating this process until perfect value is achieved without waste.

By learning about these concepts in digital marketing training and applying them in their own work, digital marketers can tailor their own value streams to maximize value and minimize waste, while increasing their ability to respond quickly to changing consumer demands.

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Students at Geneva Business School learn how to apply lean thinking to their work as digital marketers

Lean Thinking Can be a Big Advantage in Digital Marketing Careers

Lean approaches in digital marketing emphasize the importance of shaping content through experimentation. Rather than waiting until something is perfect, campaigns or content should be rolled out quickly and refined according to the feedback they receive. This can often be achieved by breaking up large projects into smaller mini-projects, which can provide marketing teams with a consistent stream of data as they’re released or implemented. This means that rather than investing significant time into a project that may or may not have an impact when it’s finally implemented, marketers can experiment in the real world and let the data guide their path forward through an iterative process, constantly refining and improving their results, and ensuring that no effort is wasted.

Not only does this approach allow those in digital marketing careers to invest their time where it will have the most impact, but it can also allow you to rapidly respond to changes in the market, as the process is already in place to make rapid changes based on customer feedback.

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Learn how to minimize wasted efforts and maximize value at Geneva Business School

Lean thinking can offer a number of other benefits depending on what kind of projects you’re working on, who your clients are and where your workflow might be facing inefficiency or waste. Whatever situation it’s applied to, lean thinking is a flexible and effective approach that can give you a distinct advantage in your digital marketing career.

Do you want to learn how to apply the principles of lean thinking in your own career?

Contact Geneva Business School for more information about our MBA in digital marketing.

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