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How the Swiss Learning Ideal Gives Our Business School Students an Advantage

Nov 20, 2018 5:08:35 PM / by Geneva Business School

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As you research different options for a BBA degree, you will no doubt come to realize just how much of a difference the location of the school you choose can make. Different study destinations have different advantages, promising exposure to different business cultures, networking opportunities and industry-specific expertise.

The educational philosophy and learning style of your institution can also be heavily influenced by the country it is based in. While Geneva Business School has campuses in Spain, the Middle East and Asia, our approach and aims are very much still rooted in the learning ideals of Switzerland. As such, while we are informed by our global perspective, we still strive to deliver an academic experience permeated with the ethos of Swiss education excellence.

What does this mean for your degree? Keep reading to find out.

What is Swiss Education Excellence?

One of the most unique things about Switzerland is that despite the strength of its economy, the country actually has very little in the way of valuable natural resources such as oil, coal or gas. Instead, it is the very model of a ‘knowledge economy’, drawing its strength from a skilled and intelligent workforce to build thriving finance, hospitality, services and manufacturing sectors.

The Swiss education system has played a huge role in this success. At all levels, the country emphasizes an individualized approach that encourages personal, academic and professional development in key areas. This philosophy is defined by the following core principles:

  • Behaviour - Punctuality, commitment, engagement
  • Values - Respect for diversity, minorities and beliefs
  • Teaching and learning - Small classes, connection to realities, involvement of industry experts, critical and out-of-the-box thinking, and collaborative decision-makers

Students sitting around a table at Geneva Business SchoolCollaboration is an important part of our business school’s learning approach

This essence of quality informs the student experience regardless of location, program or level, and is designed to ensure that they are totally prepared for the workplace. The result is an educational infrastructure that is the envy of the world. The Universitas 21 (U21) Ranking ranked Switzerland as having the second best higher education system globally in 2018, while the World Economic Forum placed the wider Swiss system third overall in its most recent Global Human Capital Report

How Our Business School Incorporates the Swiss Learning Ideal

Whether you are studying in Geneva, Barcelona or any of our other campuses, all GBS courses are inspired by Swiss education excellence. We strive to deliver programs that foster real professional growth, critical thinking and collaborative professional approaches, aided by an emphasis on small class sizes and personalized learning.

The structure of our degree programs helps ensure students develop a well-rounded skill set through a combination of core, orientation and elective courses. For example, our BBA in Entrepreneurship offers general education in key areas like communications and digital business, as well as more specialized orientation subjects, such as Opportunities for Regional Social Entrepreneurship and ESG Principles and CSR Implementation in Private Companies.

The Swiss approach is also evident in our commitment to incorporating digital tools and knowledge into our programs, which helps to promote workplace readiness among our students, as they build the skills required to thrive in modern business environments.

Complementing Swiss Education Excellence with a Global Perspective

While GBS is committed to the Swiss learning ideal, that doesn’t mean that the school is not open to other perspectives. Indeed, a respect for diversity is a key component of Swiss education, and one that our business school is in a unique position to deliver.

Our campuses around the world have allowed us to experience a range of different educational and business approaches, which have in turn informed the development of our courses. GBS instructors also come from a diverse range of business and academic backgrounds and countries, and each bring their own unique experiences to the table.

Last but certainly not least, our international student base ensures a constant flow of new ideas and cultural exchanges through our doors year after year, helping us to grow and mature as an institution. This multicultural identity complements the ideal of Swiss education excellence  which forms the foundation of our teaching philosophy, infusing it with a truly international outlook.        

entrepreneurship coursesGeneva Business School students are part of an international community

Are you interested in an academic experience that is inspired by Swiss education excellence?

Contact GBS for more information about our entrepreneurship courses.

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