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Launching an International Startup: How a Doctorate in Business Can Prepare You For the Global Market

Feb 21, 2019 3:53:53 PM / by Geneva Business School

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While it used to be the norm for businesses to begin locally before eventually branching out into international markets, the rapid and all-encompassing spread of online technologies has made that model if not obsolete, then at least optional. Many startups now begin as global enterprises from day one, thanks to the many opportunities made available by sophisticated e-commerce platforms, digital communications, and advances in international shipping and logistics.

If you’re interested in founding your own international startup, you can expect to face a very different set of challenges from those of a local, regional, or national venture. Here’s how a doctorate in business can help you develop the skills and experience you’ll need to find success in the global market.

Research Skills Can be Crucial When Launching an International Startup

When launching an international startup, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to think globally from the very beginning. This means taking an international perspective on everything from branding, to staffing, to company culture.

A company’s branding is a reflection of its core identity, and when launching to a global audience, you will need to be careful to ensure that this branding accurately reflects the full scope of your business, and also, that your brand translates well across different markets, languages, and cultures.

Likewise, your business model needs to be one that is flexible and universal enough to find traction globally, avoiding any of the unexpected limitations that might arise in different markets.

This is one of the areas where a doctorate in business can give you a distinct advantage, as it can equip you with the core concepts, skills, and tools needed to conduct business research, including quantitative and qualitative data analysis. When building an international startup, this kind of research can be fundamental to ensuring that you’ve taken into account the wide range of concerns relevant to your brand and business model in a global context.

A Doctorate in Business Can Help When Assembling a Team with International Experience

Another crucial element to consider when preparing to launch an international startup is hiring. If you want to find success in the global market, you’ll need to assemble a team with global perspectives, who can appreciate the particular challenges and opportunities that an international company is likely to face.

This is another area where a doctorate in business can be helpful, particularly one from an internationally-oriented institution. The connections you make during your studies, and access to a wide network of ambitious and internationally experienced alumni, can be invaluable when seeking out the right talent for your venture.

An international school like Geneva Business School can help you build your global business networkAn international school like Geneva Business School can help you build your global business network

Develop a Broad Understanding of Key Global Business Issues

Launching a global business also requires a firm grasp of the issues that are driving today’s global business trends. In order to understand how your business fits into the international landscape, you need to understand how issues like sustainable development and technology are impacting markets and consumers around the world. DBA programs are one of the best ways to gain this sort of sophisticated understanding of global business markets.

Along with the research tools and global business network that you can acquire during your doctorate, this broad understanding is one of the essential elements in making sure that your international startup finds traction in the global market.

A doctorate in business gives students a firm understanding of contemporary global business issuesA doctorate in business gives students a firm understanding of contemporary global business issues

Are you interested in launching your own international startup?

Contact Geneva Business School to learn more about our Doctor of Business Administration program.

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