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The Practical Career Benefits Gained From Pursuing a DBA Degree

Mar 29, 2018 3:33:18 PM / by Geneva Business School

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Completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s program can be an excellent way to set oneself apart as a highly skilled business professional, so it's no surprise that many ambitious leaders today are electing to do so. It's important to note, however, that this is by no means the end of the line for individuals who want a qualification that offers real advantages in the world of business.

For those who want to go a step further, a Doctorate in Business Administration offers a compelling path toward further growth and real professional benefits. Here's a closer look at what this more challenging degree can do for your professional ambitions.

DBA Programs Offer a Deep Dive Into Business Strategy

Where academia generally can have a reputation for being rooted in theory more than practicality, a DBA program's focuses can translate quite directly to real results in the private sector. Program content such as in-depth research into businesses, sustainable development, and the evolving impacts of technological adoption across the business world can serve as useful inspiration or direction for DBA degree candidates in their own professional lives.

For an experience that can most easily inform one's career, though, it's important to pursue a doctorate in business from a school that is deliberate in creating programs with a practical focus. An institution like Geneva Business School, which emphasizes project-based learning and real-world business, is a prime example of the kind of school that can offer the most benefit to business leaders.

DBA Degree Holders Are Rare, Putting Graduates in an Advantageous Position

For the most ambitious executives, holding a DBA degree could prove to be the key differentiator that puts the best opportunities within reach. A DBA, after all, requires multiple years of diligent work and study, often undertaken concurrently with an ongoing career, and implies highly developed knowledge of business, leadership, and communication. For top leadership positions in global business, this qualification can prove the perfect preparation.

dba programsCompleting a DBA can provide an important advantage in the pursuit of new opportunities

Beyond this, DBA holders qualify for teaching roles at institutions of higher learning, allowing those graduates with the ambition to share their knowledge a prestigious pathway to doing so. If you dream of a business career with near-limitless possibility, completing a DBA program will be an excellent choice.

A DBA Program Offers the Chance to Engage in Meaningful Research

A great DBA program will offer students the opportunity to engage in research on a topic they find significant. This might be a real-life business situation or problem drawn from their own professional lives, a business idea that students wish to explore in the future, or ideas of industry or worldwide significance.

doctorate in businessGuidance from business leaders offers tremendous value to DBA candidates

There is a great deal of freedom inherent in this work, allowing for an individualized experience that can easily translate into discoveries with immediate impact on one's career or business, or into new opportunities down the line. What’s more, though these projects are largely self-directed, candidates do enjoy the assistance and leadership of the leading entrepreneurs and executives who serve as instructors. This allows for valuable guidance at all stages of the process, and creates the perfect environment for continual learning and professional growth.

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