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How Students Pursuing a Bachelor of Finance Can Better Plan Their Semester

Aug 23, 2018 3:11:39 PM / by Geneva Business School posted in international finance degree, bachelor of finance, international finance careers

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The beginning of a new semester presents many exciting opportunities, but the adaptation can also be difficult. Tackling new subjects, adjusting to an unfamiliar timetable, and getting to know different instructors and classmates can all present challenges for both new and continuing students, particularly in a demanding field like international finance. A rocky start to the semester can sometimes set the tone for the entire academic year, making it hard for students to get back on track.

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How International Finance Degree Graduates Use Investment Psychology to Make Smart Decisions

May 24, 2018 2:58:11 PM / by Geneva Business School posted in bachelor of international finance, international finance degree, bachelor of finance


Investment psychology is gathering greater attention in the finance industry. Just as professional athletes hire personal trainers to maintain their fitness, many top investors now consult psychologists and coaches to fine tune investment thinking. These services typically help investors avoid psychological pitfalls that can weaken even the most seasoned judgment – often with costly consequences.

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