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What You Learn about Security and Conflict Resolution During Your International Relations Degree

May 31, 2018 3:50:56 PM / by Geneva Business School

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From cyber attacks to nuclear proliferation, the 21st century has seen new security threats emerge and old ones evolve. The result is a complex international order that calls for greater diplomacy and mediation. An evolving field of international relations, security and conflict resolution examines key geopolitical phenomena like terrorism, peacekeeping and cyber warfare.

Business students are increasingly turning to international relations studies for crucial insight into global conflict and security. Complementing their knowledge of economics and management, a global focus prepares them for leadership positions in international business.

Read on to find out what a major in International Relations teaches BBA students about global security and conflict resolution.

Business Students Can Learn About Global Security in the 21st Century

The end of the Cold War marked a decisive shift in global security, with American power no longer challenged by the Soviet Union. A decade later, the 9/11 attacks brought into stark relief the unique threats of the post-Cold War era.  In the 21st century, global security threats have shifted further away from state-to-state conflict and traditional warfare. The international community is now faced with multiple complex threats like terrorism, climate change, cyber warfare and greater nuclear proliferation.

Understanding these new threats is crucial for professionals working on an international scale. This insight provides them with a larger picture of the world economy, allowing them to assess the actions of states and international entities. An international relations degree helps students understand the complex relationship between business and geopolitics. Students learn about power shifts, emerging threats and the politics of sustainability – all of which shape global security and, in turn, international business.

A BBA in International Relations Can Teach the Latest Diplomatic Solutions

In addition to the latest security threats, BBA students can learn about corresponding diplomatic solutions. While the nature of war might have changed in the 21st century, conflict prevention remains the ideal approach to minimize suffering around the world. Diplomacy and mediation have been updated to contend with contemporary security threats, limiting the human and economic devastation of modern war.  

BBA school can teach students about economic diplomacy – a geopolitical tactic that pursues international objectives through the levers of world economics. With a keen appreciation of state trade strategies, students will be better equipped to navigate the world of international business. BBA students also benefit from knowing how new technologies affect global governance, with cyber warfare – and cyber diplomacy –among the top concerns of global security experts. A diplomatic approach helps professionals in all sectors negotiate their interests and secure longstanding agreements with international organizations and foreign governments.

Last December, GBS screened ‘The Arrow of Time’, a documentary on global security and nuclear reductions between the United States and the Soviet Union. The event was hosted by Alexander Likhotal, a former advisor to President Mikhail Gorbachev:



BBA Students Benefit from Knowing International Relations Ethics

Harmonizing foreign interests and tackling security threats, the international community has developed negotiation standards that should be heeded by professionals. Whether they require necessary compliance or simply improve negotiations, international ethics play an important role in shaping international business practices and governance.

An internationally focused course will impart basic concepts of international human rights law – helping BBA students understand the norms that influence global business. This training also helps students become better negotiators, appreciating the disparity of interests and cultural sensitivity that factor into international agreements. BBA students with an international perspective are better equipped to manage and partner with international organizations and NGOs – key players in global security and conflict resolution.

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 Top international relations courses put students in touch with experts like Alexander Likhotal

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