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Where Can an International Finance Degree Take You?

Apr 19, 2018 10:20:55 PM / by Geneva Business School

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Obtaining an international finance degree can open up a wide array of job opportunities in the financial sector. The global nature of the industry means that you can seek work almost anywhere in the world, and operate in a number of different areas including corporate finance, private banking, insurance, and more.

Wherever your career takes you, the skills you learn during your degree will serve you well for many years, equipping you with a versatile range of knowledge and tools that will help you become successful. Here’s a look at how you can apply the many skills you learn throughout your education. For international finance students, a world of opportunity awaits!

Use Your Knowledge of Investment Banking to Tap Into Many Opportunities

Investment bankers don’t deal with customer deposits, and instead aim to create capital for other companies, individuals, and governments. They do this through a range of different techniques, including underwriting new debt and equity securities and the sale of securities. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank are some of the big hitters in this industry.

Professionals in this area are seen as experts who know the trends of the investing climate inside and out. An international finance degree can help you develop these skills, paving the way for a lucrative career brokering trades for companies and investors within the investment banking sector.

Want to Manage Hedge Funds? With a BA in International Finance, You Can!  

The ability to comprehensively scrutinize mutual and hedge funds is a key pillar of successful international finance programs like the one at Geneva Business School. A primary focus of this kind of analysis is on returns. Absolute returns measure the gain or loss experienced by a fund, while relative returns compare the attractiveness of a fund to other investments.

Measuring risk is also essential, and international finance students will develop a good understanding of key metrics like standard deviation and value at risk. These skills will be instrumental in helping you determine the performance of complex hedge fund investments throughout your career.

A Bachelor of International Finance Can Even Help You Become a Risk Management Expert

Determining risk is a vital asset in any private or public organization, but it can also be a specialized career if you develop extensive expertise. Professionals in financial risk management set up guidelines for companies to follow, but don’t make investment decisions themselves. Senior management then follows these policies to ensure they are taking the most viable course of action.

international finance programs-1          Risk management professionals are a key source of advice in the financial sector

Preventing conflicts of interest is essential in this line of work, and financial risk professionals must not be supervised by the company’s decision-makers to ensure that the policy developed is independent. The risk management training you receive during a Bachelor of International Finance program will help you lay the groundwork for this unique and interesting career.

Your Career Can be Devoted to Building Global Awareness

The finance sector is very much a global industry, meaning knowledge of international business is essential for success. Business law varies from country to country, and subtle differences in regulations could affect your work. Likewise, currency values may rise or fall based on global trends, and thorough analysis is vital in discovering whether stock will return to existing levels or take off in a different direction.

Opting for an institution with a real international character like Geneva Business School can be a great way to prepare for this kind of career. Not only will you learn the best practices for international finance during your course, but you’ll also be surrounded by classmates from a variety of diverse backgrounds, exposing you to a wide range of international business cultures, practices, and ideas.

bachelor of international finance Being exposed to people from different cultures can be a huge plus in a finance career

An international finance degree can teach you all of these skills.

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