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Your Essential Pre-Arrival Checklist for Attending Business School in Barcelona

Jul 26, 2018 5:23:53 PM / by Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School students at La Catedral de Barcelona

Among the best European cities for students, Barcelona combines top-tier institutions with vibrant cultural experiences. The result is a unique academic experience that offers equal opportunities for personal growth and professional preparation. A hub for international commerce, Barcelona is a natural fit for business and management students, helping them build connections for strong careers after their studies.

Like all academic experience, studying business in Barcelona brings a few logistical considerations, from travel documents to academic certifications. Keeping track of these requirements helps students prepare for their academic experiences – and enjoy them all the more.

Here is an essential pre-arrival checklist for business students on their way to Barcelona.

Students Require Appropriate Travel Plans and Documentation

International students traveling to Barcelona are advised to note the documents they will require well in advance of their departure date. While specific student requirements can be found on their school’s website, some general considerations apply for all international students. Upon receiving confirmation that they will be attending business school in Barcelona, students should ensure that their passport is valid for their departure date and the duration of their studies.

International students may also be required to apply for a student visa. The visa application process should be undertaken with plenty of time to spare, usually between 1 to 5 months before the course’s start date.

While planning their studies, international students are advised to consider the time and additional costs of applying for a visa – a necessity for the international student experience. With the appropriate travel documents, students can then book travel to Barcelona, and should plan to arrive at least a few days before the course start date.

Upon arriving in Barcelona with their visa, students must apply for their NIE - a national identification number required for foreign nationals taking temporary residence in Spain. This number will appear on the student’s TIE, a card that indicates residential information and status. For more information on this application process, students may wish to consult the following website.

 master in international managementAn early arrival date can be an opportunity to explore the city

Students are advised to pack strategically

Appropriate packing can help students enjoy their travel experience, eliminating unnecessary headaches and excess baggage charges. Naturally, business students on transfer or exchange should pack for the months they plan on staying in Barcelona – from dry summer heat to cool and rainy winters.

While the hottest temperatures have typically passed by the time the school year begins, students are advised to pack a bathing suit and beach essentials – and make the most of the Mediterranean sun before winter sets in!

To feel at home in Barcelona – a city of cultural attractions and a world-class nightlife – students can pack a comfortable combination of casual and business-casual clothing. Strategic packing helps students feel prepared for different occasions and dress codes without inconveniencing their traveling. Students are also advised to pack comfortable walking shoes to help them explore Barcelona’s cobbled streets.

Students Can Prepare to Learn at Business School in Barcelona

Students traveling to Barcelona might be required to prove linguistic credentials for the best in-class experience. For instance, Geneva Business School requires proof of English proficiency from incoming students, including those admitted to study marketing in Barcelona. GBS students will also have access to language classes to develop further proficiencies.

While preparing for their experience, some students will want to return to their program webpage, going over details like class size, learning outcomes or internship opportunities – details that may have drawn them to apply in the first place. Above all, Barcelona’s future business students can anticipate a thorough and enriching experience in a capital of world commerce.

business school in BarcelonaIn a city like Barcelona, business schools are an ideal place to start building a professional network

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